1) National Anthem should be played with displaying flag on screen before screening of the movie in cinema halls, the Supreme court order.

It stated showing respect when national anthem is played is duty of every citizen under the Prevention of Insults to National Honour Act 1951.

How can we show respect?

By standing and singing along.

Banned Remix versions of Anthem and also “Dramatisation of the Anthem”

Dramatisation means using it at any variety shows or for entertainment purpose.

Question to think:

What are those set of parameters which bring the abuse to Anthem?

2) UDAN scheme:

Under this scheme, Regional connectivity Fund (RCF) is collected from other main domestic routes to develop regional airports and enhance regional connectivity, giving higher subsidy support to airlines operating smaller aircrafts.

Regional connectivity Scheme, to increase number of functional airports to 150-200 presently there are only 69 airports

RCF is not a fee but a tax collected from operators.

Participating Carriers in this under-served airports and regions would be extended under Viability Gap funding Scheme.

Viability Gap Funding Scheme, providing financial support in the form of grants, one time or deferred, to infrastructure projects that are economically justified but not financially viable.

Air Sewa launched by the govt, a public redressal mechanism through a website and an app to register complaint of air passengers, to check flight statuses etc.

3) The National Green Tribunal, questioned Delhi on the issue of presenting information regarding total quantum of waste generated in the capital territory.

People around Okhla waste to energy generating plant wanted its closure due to its illegal mass burning technology, which is leading to air pollution. It is violating the Delhi Master Plan 2021.

4)The Heart of Asia conference to approve the draft framework on counter terrorism and talks on the issue of Nagrota Attack by cornering Pakistan.

5)Cap on Jan Dhan accounts withdrawal by RBI

To protect the innocent farmers who are the holders of accounts under PMJDY from the activities of counterfeiting and legal consequences under the Benami Property transaction and Money laundering laws.

6) Asia Pacific Trade and Investment Report 2016 by ESCAP (United nation Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific)

  • international and intra regional trade costs of India remained high when compared other well performing regions of Asia and Pacific.
  • FDI inflows increased in services, construction development, computer software and hardware, and telecommunications sector.
  • Exports and Imports got shrunk due global slowdown
  • India is largest partner with several economies in South Asia like the Bhutan, Nepal and SriLanka.

7) Intangible Cultural Heritage is promoted 10 years ago by UNESCO as a counterpart to the World Heritage focusing mainly on intangible aspects of culture.

UNESCO also offers financial and technical support to countries struggling to protect their heritage. Eg., Uganda’s traditional music which requires materials from endangered animals and plants.

Recently it has given Intangible heritage status to Portuguese pottery, Belgian beer, Cuba’s sensual Rumba dance, Cossack from Ukraine.


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