December 9

1) Triple talaq:

  • “divorce is permissible in Islam only in case of extreme emergency. When all efforts for effecting a reconciliation have failed, the parties may proceed to a dissolution of marriage by Talaq or by Khola“
  • It impedes and drags India from becoming a nation”

2) Strong Rice:

  • High protein strain which is equivalent to Wheat.
  • Reduced starch beneficial to Diabetic patients
  • Rice protein is easier to digest than non veg protein.
  • No extra cost for production

3) India US defence ties

  • US granted Major Defence Partner status to India, which has been granted earlier to NATO allies
  • Defence Technology and Trade Initiative (DTTI) intended to promote opportunities for co-production and co-development of weapon systems and platforms
  • Major Agreements from past two years:
    • Defence Framework Agreement in 2015, which laid a blueprint for collaboration between the defence establishments and
    • the logistics support agreement Logistics Exchange Memorandum of Agreement (LEMOA)

4)Diluting EPFO:

  • In June this year, the Centre had proposed making EPF optional for textile and apparels workers earning less than Rs.15,000 a month as a part of a special package for the garments sector.
  • Now, the Cabinet has extended this proposal to the made-ups manufacturing sector. Made-up products like towels and bedsheets form the second-largest employer in the textiles sector following apparel without the consent of labour ministry.
  • Impacts:
    • boost employment generation and exports in the made-ups sector.
    • it went against the much-talked about objective of moving towards a ‘pensionable society’
    • it defeats the very EPF principle of providing future protection
  • The move will require amendments to the Employees’ Provident Funds and Miscellaneous Provisions Act of 1952
  • At present, EPF contribution is mandatory in all factories employing 20 or more workers. Both employer and employee compulsorily contribute 12 per cent each of the latter’s income towards EPF.

5) Read it at any cost and re read it : Article related to Biodiversity.


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