December 10

1) About 45 per cent of all persons with disabilities (PWD) in India are illiterate, according to the India Social Development Report (SDR) 2016, whose theme this year is ‘Disabilities Rights Perspectives’. Female PWDs illiterates are more when compared to male.

  • Reasons:
    • Lack in proper transportation facility, infrastructure to deal with.
    • Lack of mainstreaming the issues by the govt through any scheme or Act.

2) Cauvery River Water Dispute:

  • Issue:
    • Supreme Court’s (S.C) Interim order to Karnataka to release 2000 cusec of water to TamilNadu.
  • Centre’s claims against this judgement:
    • Centre says, S.C doesn’t have any jurisdiction to hear or appeal to Cauvery River Tribunal’s judgement under combination of Parliamentary Law of Inter State Water Dispute Act of 1956 and Article 262 of the Constitution
      • Section 6(1) under Act of 1956 says, the centre has authority to frame a scheme to for Tribunal awards.
  • Supreme Court’s claim to pass the order:
    • Any aggrieved person or state can appeal under the jurisdiction of S.C according to Article 136.
    • Of opine that founding fathers of the constitution are not of the opinion that Tribunal decision should be final and not to be scrutinised further.
    • Original Dispute status:
      • According to Article 262, S.C should not interfere in the original Water Dispute. But when parliamentary law of 1956 Act with the Article 262 is taking away the ‘Original Dispute’ status so S.C can pass the order.

3) Merchant Discount Rate:

  • It is the rate fixed by the Central bank of which a bank charges on merchants for every transaction through cards that consumers make.
  • Recently the Central Bank has removed the service charge if the transaction is below Rs.2000/-

4)India-China Think Tank Forum:

  • It is setup to make the both economies to work closely more than being competitive for benefits of whole.
  • It is to solve the differences that arise between the two nations.
  • Recent differences:
    • China keeping hurdle to the India’s aspiration of becoming NSG members, in using the nuclear for civilian purpose to solve the issue of energy deficiency in the country
    • Not blacklisting the Pakistan terror mastermind Maulana Masood due to some ‘Technical hold’

5) Cashless Economy:

  • In 1998-99 Budget Kisan Credit cards are introduced to make payments to farmers.
  • Low transaction RuPay cards like Credit and Debit has been Introduced.
  • Suggestion:
    • Large amount of money is used by Banks to setup ATMs which promote money circulation in market, instead if we reduce volume of ATMs and use that money in providing Banking services to unbanked millions.

6)Fishery Subsidy Scheme:

  • According to WTO Committee on Subsidies and Countervailing Measures says, this scheme is to protect livelihood of traditional and poor fishing communities.
  • Where as U.S led group called ‘Friends of Fish’ saying giving subsidies to Illegal Unregulated Unreported (IUU) fishing is not sustainable.
  • But IUU is not uniform to all the countries to define, so it is not possible to fix what kind of fishing comes under IUU.
  • If we target IUU it will affect the livelihood of Non IUU fishing too, which will impact large section of fishing communities.

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