December 13

1) India-Indonesia:

  • Visit of President Joko widodo
  • Indonesia is the most populous muslim nation (majorly sunni) still it is democracy and follows the principles of diversity, pluralism and social harmony
  • It is maritime strategic which connects Indian Ocean to South China Sea with all its straits
  • It is one of the few fast growing economy
  • Talks on:
    • Defence and Marine security cooperation
      • Setting up of Defence Ministries Dialogue and Joint Defence Cooperation Committee.
    • South China Sea issue
    • Illegal and unregulated fishing issues
    • To boost trade and investments in Oil and gas, renewable energy, IT and pharmaceuticals
    • Gurdeep singh death sentence on drug charges
    • Zero tolerance on Terrorism
      • Implementing United Nations Security Council Resolution 1267 by every country, banning militant groups and their leaders (Mohammed Masood)
    • On reforms to UN to make it more democratic, transparent and efficient

2) Exclusive rail tracks for Suburban trains:

  • It is to reduce the congestion
  • These tracks are built through surcharges collected from the passengers
  • Equal equity participation from respective states with Indian Railways.
  • Dedicated Taxes through Dedicated Urban Transport Fund to finance the capital cost of suburban train projects by the states
  • States should ensure there is no delay regarding Land acquisition for this purpose

3) Copyright Act issue:

  • The purpose of this act is to protect the rights of the copyright owner
  • In Parliamentary debate:
    • These rights should not charge any amount on Non Profit Libraries
  • Supreme court observed:
    • It is in the same while to mute on Copyright Act in case to promote education
    • It has not made any distinction between the technical terms of Education and Instruction and between Textbooks and Course Pack
    • It identified the Education as foundational thing for Prosperous and Progressive societies and anything that will come as a break to this process of building should not be encouraged. Fundamental thing for education is the source of learning and teaching these both things can happen with some reference books or guides.
    • Qualitative or Quantitative restrictions to the books published will bring ridiculous consequences
    • It has also raised its voice regarding Fair Use of the copyright books, the fair use is only for education purpose.

4) State Banning Liquor in three districts of Uttarakhand

  • High Court extended this policy to vicinity of worship places and also banned tobacco within 5km radius of these places
  • Article 47, it is the duty of the state to prohibit the consumption of intoxicating drinks and drugs.
    • Where Judiciary does not have any right to interfere with this Directive Principles
  • It rises the question of Judicial Activism interfering with the actions of state.

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