December 16,17,18

1) No Liquor shops on National Highways and State Highways, Supreme Court

  • Supreme Court ordered to state govts are not to give further licences and cancel the existing for the liquor sale on or around 500mt from the highway
  • The above decision is to avoid accidents that are taking place on highways and drunk drive being one of the major reason for accidents.
  • State govts should not grant licence only for a reason of generating finance to the respective govt, and also should avoid liquor lobbying
  • Supreme Court has also order to stop liquor ads on highways
  • It pointed out nearly 1.5lakh accidents are taking place every year


2)Nirbhaya Fund:

  • It has been setup in 2013 Budget aftermath of Nirbhaya incident
  • It is with a total corpus of 2000 crore currently to spend on schemes on women safety
  • But the implementation of schemes are at very slow pace, and crimes against women are increasing on day by day
  • The tussle of governance between centre and state has not taking any steps forward in protection for women
  • L-G has not attended even a single meeting on women’s safety so far
  • Suggestions:
    • Installation of CCTV cameras in every bus
    • Making faster implementation of the fund for the scheme that protect women
    • Smooth coordination should be promoted between centre and state govts in implementation without any tussle remembering that will pay a women


3)Vyapam scam:

  • The higher officials, politicians and businessmen fraud play in allocating seat for govt jobs based on exam in Madhya Pradesh govt.
  • Madhya Pradesh Professional Exam Board a self-financed and autonomous body incorporated by the State government responsible for conducting several entrance tests in the state. These entrance exams are held for recruitment in government jobs and admissions in educational institutes of the state.
  • The scam involved a collusion of undeserving candidates, who bribed politicians and MPPEB officials through middlemen, to get high ranks in these entrance tests.
  • The scam also led to between 23 and 40 ‘unnatural’ deaths of involved individuals.
  • Supreme Court insisting CBI to start speed trials on the cases involved in this scam


4) Funds to Political parties:

  • These funds comes under scrutiny under section 13A of IT Act 1967
  • Parties accounts should filed under Income Tax
  • Chartered Accountant should audit the accounts and this report should be submitted to Election Commission regarding the donations received
  • The voluntary donations that are higher than 20,000, the political party should maintain those records with the name and address of that donator
  • Exemptions from income tax to only registered political parties


5) To go Cashless:

  • Govt efforts:
    • Strengthening legal framework for digital payments and cybersecurity issues
    • Encouraging new technologies, which are easy and efficient to use
      • Eg: near field communication, embedded iris and biometrics enabled smartphones, USSD enabled mobile banking
    • Govt’s own Common Service Centre networks to enroll people into digital payments
    • Creating awareness
      • Through tv channel DIGISALA
      • Through website which gives all info on digital payments
  • Further suggestions:
    • Interoperability of bank backed mobile wallets
    • Creation of customer complaint redressal platform


6) WHO’s has changed its decision to drop the term ‘counterfeit’ and use ‘falsified’ instead to describe medicines that are inferior in quality

  • This move will benefit the larger sections of the poor through availability of affordable medicines because the word falsified will not come under the violation of TRIPS agreement
  • Step needed:
    • Regulatory capacities need to strengthened to enforce appropriate quality standards
    • Need a proper vigilance to check the entry of spurious medicines


7) Ratan Watal committee recommendation:

  • 11 member committee appointed by the govt in promotion of digital payments
  • Proposals:
    • The Systematically Important Payment System (SIPS) and Retail Payment System (RPS) comes under the purview of RBI should be changed
    • The RPS should be regulated by the new body formed i.e., Payments Regulatory Board
    • It also proposed many changes in Acts that are Payments and Settlement Act, the RBI Act, and the Information Technology Act
  • RBI opposed this move: Why?
    • RBI stated that the above two systems comes under the purview of central universally due to complication that comes in interconnectivity of the systems and its role as Lender of Last Resort


8) Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Yojana (PMGKY):

  • Under this an undisclosed amount can be voluntarily disclose to come out of legal prosecution and penalty
  • The undisclosed amount will be taxed 50%, and 25% of the remaining amount should be deposited in the bank with zero interest
  • The undisclosed accounts will be kept secret
  • Political parties are immune from the Income Tax.

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