December 26

1) Sympathising the Justice system towards sexually abused victims

  • It is insult to injury to produce material proof for the rape. Victims will have trauma throughout the rest of their life
  • Lodging of the complaints are followed by social stigma
  • Criminal Justice system need to be reformed


2) Absentee voting rights to domestic migrants is not possible because of the technical lacuna in proxy voting and electronic voting machine

  • Supreme Court order to arrange Absentee Voting Rights
  • Election commission arguments:
    • Emergent need for Aadhaar linkage to voter details which will eradicate duplication of voter ids
    • No proper survey regarding domestic migrants in the country
    • It is difficult to make domestic migrants to go for postal ballot like public servant  where the duplication will takes place and there is no foolproof to verify their identity and block duplicity
    • But it has not went against Absentee voting completely, it stated the Domestic migrants who are temporarily shifted to some other state and come back again can be traced and allot a provision for Absentee voting


3) Goods and Service Tax

  • The problems in the implementation of GST
    • Sharing of administrative powers over taxpayers i.e Assessing officer belongs to (Cross empowerment or dual administration)
    • Compensation formulae with time of its allocation (right now it is agreed for 2 months)



  • Will reduce the fiscal deficit and increase the compliance of taxpayers
  • It will increase the budgetary allocation of funds to Defence and rural infrastructure
  • It convert informal saving money into formal saving
  • Linked argument:
    • Now formalised money with the banks, now banks can choose the credible customer wisely and give credit based on other linkages with other sectors of the govt like the revenue department, Registrar of Companies, Employees Provident Fund Organisation, property tax department and utility providers through inter-link will boost to the economy


5) Rohingya crisis:

  • Unrecognised citizens of Myanmar who were earlier settlers from Bangladesh
  • Identification cards which were issued earlier by the Myanmar govt in recognition, though lacking privileges equivalent to the citizens of Myanmar has been withdrawn in 2015
  • Rohingyas started migrating to other nations across where the acceptance is not happening, thus the crisis started


6) Agni V:

  • Surface to Surface missile, distance 5000 km +
  • 5 Agnis form bulwark for the India’s nuclear deterrence capabilities
  • Agni-I has a range of 700 km, Agni-II 2,000 km, Agni-III 3,000 km, and Agni-IV can take out targets 4,000 km away.


7) Granting reservation to Gujjar as sub reservation under OBC has been nullified by the Rajasthan High Court last year

  • Sub reservation category is due to not crossing the limit of 50% where Tamil Nadu is exceptional
  • Rajasthan set a committee to resolve Gujjar reservation issue


8) Remission granting power lies with the state and not with the Judiciary for the life imprisoners

  • This judgement is complementary to the Tamil Nadu govt implications on prisoners who involved in Rajiv Gandhi assassination case.
  • This judgement has been pronounced considering the Kolkata murder case convicts who are incarcerated for 25 years, here court refrained to pass any decision and gave right to the state to apply remission if it wanted to do so.

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