December 27 & 28

1) Dumping of cast iron to European Union is hurting their domestic manufacturers

  • It has already imposed antidumping and countervailing duty on India’s tubes and pipes made of ductile cast iron and planning to inspect this complaint by European Commission.
  • Similarly South Korea is also inspecting on the dumping of ferro-silico-manganese from India and others which is used for manufacturing steel

2) Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act:

  • In past it has restricted the political parties from foreign funds but after amendment the funds from foreign companies which has subsidiary in India is allowable. Made retrospectively and both BJP and Congress parties came out of legal prosecutions
  • The FCRA earlier applicable for political parties only, but after amendment all the organisations of political intention come under this ambit like NGOs and CSOs
  • The organisation gets licence cancelled for every five year if it don’t renew it. Case happened to nearly 10,000 NGOs
  • Restricting the financial usage of NGOs by keeping cap of 50% on foreign funds to be used for administrative purposes
  • The govt intentionally cancelled the licence of 25 NGOs with argument that the foreign interference is taking place in the internal functions of the nation
  • Suggestion:
    • Best alternative to FCRA is National Accreditation Council of India (NACI) to scrutinise the funds and curtail the scrupulous funds

3) Inter-state water disputes:

  • The supreme court has less jurisdiction than the tribunal with respect to inter state water disputes according to Inter State River Water Disputes Act of 1956
  • Problems:
    • Very late time process in solving the issue (by tribunal award, implementation)
    • Opacity (non transparent) in institutional framework and guidelines
    • Compliance to the tribunal award ny the states
  • Water disputes is not mere for water and it has been politicised, like recently Cauvery issues has been drawn as an ethnic identity issue between Tamilians and Kannadigas

4) Indiscriminate use of pellet guns should be stopped, the Supreme Court order

  • Court took an assurance from the J&K govt to not to use pellet guns without application of mind
  • And stated to appoint a committee for the alternative to this pellet guns

5) Reservation of Extremely Backward Classes and others in Judicial service by Bihar govt

  • Vertical reservation to EBCs, OBCs, SCs and STs
  • Horizontal Reservation to Women and Disabled (Horizontal reservation is reservation in reservation + over all reservation)
  • Impact:
    • This act will fill the more vacancies that are available in the judiciary

6) Ministry of Tribal Affairs annual report:

  • Tribals compared to other groups are lacking with many
    • Child mortality, Infant mortality, anaemia for women
    • Education:
      • Primary education enrolment is reduced compared to previous year
      • Dropouts are increasing
    • Healthcare infrastructure:
      • The Sub centres, Primary health centres, Community health centres are lacking in numbers in tribal areas
    • Gap in rehabilitation:
      • Rehabilitation is completely confined to papers, in reality there is nothing happening
      • Rehabilitation taking place due to power projects etc is not for the tribal sake but for the public purpose who are away from that area
      • Rehabilitation compensation is paid to others in their names
    • Budget allocation for the welfare of tribal scheme (Vanbandhu Kalyan Yojana) is not sufficient

7) Proposal to use Antlers of Deer for Ayurvedic medicinal purpose

  • Antler is an extension of skull of deer which will rejuvenate again and again
  • To use the Antler it is required to amend the Wildlife (Protection) Act 1972
  • Act states Antlers comes under Wildlife trophy and mentioned both wildlife and its trophy should be owned by the govt
  • Section 39 of the Act says, any possession of wildlife or wildlife trophy  by any person without prior permission of the Chief wildlife Warden or authorised officer will be penalised
  • Impact:
    • Allowing it will bring major threat to wildlife population through hunting

8) Open-Sky Agreement has been rejected by Nepal and said it is not ready yet

  • This agreement is stated in National Policy of Civil Aviation (NPCA), which states unlimited seats from both ways
  • Right now under Air Services Agreement, Nepal and India are allowed for 30,000 seats from both sides
  • Open Sky agreement will counter Nepal’s recent engagement with China in road, railways and Port connectivity
  • After the development of airports to international standards then Nepal will be ready for the agreement
  • Under NPCA, India wanted Open Sky agreement with all the SAARC nations and those beyond 5000 km, right now it is engaged with all except Nepal, Pakistan and Afghanistan
  • This Agreement will benefit Nepal and India directly and strengthen the economic ties.

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