January 1 & 2

1) Proposal to make Safety sealing mandatory for healthcare products and hygiene products:

  • Transit from manufacturing to consumer will bring the scope of contamination and adulteration of products in absence of seal
  • Currently there is no any mandatory law enforce regarding compulsory sealing
  • Under Legal Metrology Act, 2009 sealing has not been made compulsory
  • But under amended Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 2003 all creams and lotions should be sealed


2) Personal genomics:

  • The branch of biology concerned with the structure, function, evolution and mapping genomes of individual
  • Indian govt doesn’t yet have any big initiative regarding this so far.
  • In exposure to this kind of testing there is chances of getting cancer.


3)Doubling airport capacity in next 10-15 years

  • According to Airport traffic project which is conducted every year stated the traffic increase at the rate of 10-20%, so this initiation
  • For making it possible lot of investment is required for that we need efficient investor who are around the world by relaxing norms and initiating attractive policy frameworks
  • Land acquisition is major hurdle for this kind of infrastructure developments when solved can attract more investors
  • Alternatives:
    • Greenfield Airports
    • No frill airports etc
  • Related:
    • Airport Economic Regulatory Authority (AERA) has abandoned single till approach and adopted Hybrid till approach through National Civil Aviation Policy


4)H-1B Visas:

  • In news because of regulations imposed by US recently
  • It is used by IT firms mostly to send their employees on short term work permit to the US
  • Solution:
    • Localisation of workforce.
    • Signing bilateral agreement with US to relax the restrictions


5) Agreement on the prohibition of Attack against Civil nuclear installations between India and Pakistan

  • Regarding this both countries exchange the information of the nuclear installation in the country
  • It will prevent the attacks on nuclear site


6) Highlights of schemes in PM’s speech:

  • Scheme under PM Awaas Yojana : 4% interest rate exemption on home loans if the amount is less than 9 lakh and 3% for 9-12 lakh for both poor and middle class
  • 60 days interest waiver (not counted)  for farmer’s loan in district cooperative banks and cooperative societies
  • For senior citizens, age above 60 the interest rate on deposit of amount upto 7.5lakhs will be 8%
  • Under Credit guarantee scheme, the credit limit for MSME will be raised from 1 crore to 2 crore
  • 6000/- deposit for every pregnant women for initial medical needs
  • Kisan credit cards will be converted to Rupay credit cards


7) Non Banking Finance Companies (NBFCs) has been included as lender under Credit Guarantee Scheme

  • Credit Guarantee Scheme:
    • Under this, SMEs are not required to produce any collateral and third party sign for borrowing money
    • Limit has been raised to 2 crore from 1 crore
    • Lenders are Scheduled Commercial banks, regional rural banks and now NBFCs also been included
    • If the borrower fails to repay money then govt will guarantee 85% of the amount to the lenders


8) Oxidation of organic materials:

  • Multi cellular life formed during Cambrian explosion:
  • Oxidation reaction burns the material if it is not buried
  • Concern:
    • Oxygen can be built up in our atmosphere only by preventing Oxidation process to the organic matter which releases carbon and its reaction to existing oxygen forms CO2 and reduces the O2 amount


9) G-Protein Coupled Reactor:

  • Central to almost every physiological process like vision, taste immune response and cardiovascular regulation.
  • In recent findings, it can be regulated through drugs accurately by engaging only the end of the receptor i.e., tail of the receptor. In doing so it will become easier to treat many illnesses.

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