January 4&5

1) India has agreed in stopping Bottom trawling over a period of time:

  • Srilanka has opposed bottom trawling method in fishing by Indian fishermen, affecting North province fishermen of Srilanka
  • Why?
    • This method is destructive fishing practice posing threat to marine ecosystems
  • This is the only issue between India and Srilanka to resolve

2) India Rhino Vision 2020 Programme (IRV 2020)

  • Due to best conservation practice implemented by India, Rhinos have moved from critically endangered to Vulnerable status in IUCN
  • According to this programme, in rise in the population of Rhino the area pertained to this species will become deficient, so Rhinos need to move to another ecologically similar but distant areas to ensure species survival and to avoid Animal-human conflict

3) Modified Special Incentive Package Scheme (M-SIPs)

  • Scheme is to promote electronic items in India, in promoting manufacturing hubs by offering many incentives
  • It offers subsidy upto 20% on capital investments in SEZ and 25% in Non SEZs
  • Aim is to make India net zero balance in trade of electronics
  • There is a dilemma whether to relax 30% local sourcing norms on FDI single brand retail wrt to cutting edge technologies
    • Eg: Apple manufacturing unit in Karnataka

4) 104th Indian Science Congress Association:

  • Started in 1914 at Kolkata, it is a premier scientific organisation of India
  • In Association PM wanted to make ease of Access, maintenance, redundancy and duplication of expensive equipments
  • Scientific social responsibility:
    • To connect the leading institutions with all stakeholders including schools and colleges
    • It promotes an environment for sharing of ideas and resources and provides high end training to the brilliant brains from every corner of India

5) Related to AYUSH:

    • International Yoga Day – June 21
    • National Ayurveda Day – oct 28
      • Ayurveda has been incorporated in Atharva Veda (the last of four vedas)
      • Celebrated on the occasion of Dhanvantari Jayanti, two days before Diwali (Lord Vishnu avatar treated as ideal doctor and promoter of Ayurveda)
  • Mission Madhumeha
      • National Treatment Protocol for effective management of Diabetes
  • National AYUSH Mission:
    • Access to AYUSH services
    • AYUSH educational institutions
    • Quality control of Ayurveda, Siddha, Unani and Homeopathy drugs (ASU&H) and availability of raw materials to produce those drugs
  • BRICS High Level Meeting on Traditional Medicinal Knowledge
  • National Research and Development Organisation given licence to AYUSH-82 (for Diabetes) and AYUSH-64 (for Malaria)
  • National Medicinal Plant Board:
    • the primary mandates of this board are coordinating all matters relating to medicinal plants and support policies and programmes for growth of trade, export, conservation and cultivation.
    • It has launched an online virtual platform www.e-charak.in and mobile app e-charak.

6) Next WTO meeting to be held in Buenos Aires:

  • Buenos Aires, Argentina, South America.
  • India wanted to pressurise the WTO for implementation of Doha Round Trade Talks.
  • Doha Round:
    • Has proposed Special Safeguard Mechanism (SSM) apart from existing safeguards under GATT, Agreement on Agriculture (AoA)
    • Special Safeguard Mechanism:
      • Imposing Safeguards like tariff barriers on import surge of Agricultural products to developing which will impact domestic farmers
    • Conflict between India and US
      • On what percent of import surge does the developing nations should impose tariffs
      • India stated on 10%
      • US stated on 40%
  • Remember:
    • SSM is applicable to only developing nations where other safeguards on agriculture are applicable to all the nations under WTO

7) Ken-Betwa River Linking Project:

  • To irrigate M.P and U.P (Bundelkhand) drought prone areas from Ken water abundant to Betwa water deficient
  • Affect:
    • It submerge 10% of Panna tiger reserve
  • National Water Development Agency will take care of the project work
  • Proposal:
    • Out of total project cost 40% contribution should be from MP and remaining from centre
  • Objection:
    • M.P opposed and said that it will contribute only 10% of the project cost

8) 3rd Anglo-Maratha War: 1818

  • Mahar a community treated as untouchables during Peshwa period during BajiRao-II era
  • They have been rejected to join the Army of Peshwas
  • In 3rd Anglo Maratha War these Mahars fought against Peshwas alongside with Britishers and weakened the Brahmin domination in Maratha
  • This is the good example in Indian history that how divisions within society can make it weak towards external enemies

9) Representations of People Act:

  • Election Commission suggested, RPA should be amended to include sources of income of not only candidate but also their family members
  • Under amended provision interfering into the govt project should comes under disqualification to the candidate even if it is by the companies, firms and Hindu undivided family
  • EC said that the above amendments were meant as an antidote to ‘maladies caused by criminal antecedents of the candidate and misuse of money’

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