January 26 & 27

1) India – UAE

  • The visit of crown prince of UAE Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan as chief guest on Republic day led to signing of Comprehensive Strategic Partnership
    • Strategic Partnership is a long term interaction between two nations based on political, economic, social and historical factors
    • India signed this with more than 30 countries so far
    • All strategic partner countries are not of same important, one may be dominant with its economic ties and another with political.
    • India signed a total of 14 agreements in this visit including strategic partnership they are in defence, maritime, cybersecurity, shipping and transport
  • Back ground:
    • PM visit in 2015 was after a long gap of about 34 years (Modi after Indira Gandhi) as a part of Link West Policy
    • Relations:
      • Commercial:
        • UAE is India’s 3rd largest trade partner after China and US in 2015
        • 2nd largest export destination
        • 10th biggest investor in terms of FDI in India
        • Willing to contribute for National Infrastructure Investment Fund (NIIF)
      • Energy Security:
        • 6th largest source of Crude Oil
        • Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) and Indian Strategic Petroleum Reserve Ltd are willing to sign MoU to establish Strategic Reserve in India
      • Security Cooperation:
        • Security Agreement in force from 2011
      • Cultural:
        • Cultural Agreement in 1975
        • ICCR opened Culture Centre in Abu Dhabi (2009)
      • Political:
        • Home to Indian expatriate community
        • Source of Remittances
        • Convergence of Ideas in International Fora like in UNFCCC the idea on International Solar Alliance, International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA)
    • Concerns:
      • Grievance Redressal for Migrant workers
        • Signed MoU in the field of manpower sourcing
        • Promoting Contract Labour through Electronic Contract Registration and  Validation System
        • Indian Welfare Fund in Indian Embassy to help for short term
      • UAE support to pakistan in Kashmir issue
      • Sunni – Shia strife
      • Support of Indian Navy in Indian Ocean for Oil trade

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