March 9

1) The mystery of police reforms:

  • The Supreme court has given various directives for police reforms in response to plea filed by former DGP of Uttar Pradesh, Prakash Singh. Major directives are:
    • Separation of Law and order from criminal investigation
    • Fixed tenure for the police officers in crucial positions
    • Establishment of Police Board, which will look after the promotions and transfer of police
  • Police being a state subject Centre has minimal role to play with it
  • Reasons for the inefficiency of Police functionary:
    • It is not only because of political interference but also due to Moral degradation and power misuse. So proper training is required in the moral lines of Consumer and Citizen centric
  • Point to write in Mains answer: Police should not be seen as a force rather it should be seen as responsibility in service to the people

2) Guns and Guards, a lonely vigil:

  • Forest guards are different from other uniform services like CRPF, Police etc, where there efforts are not recognised in par with other uniform services. It is stated as thankless Job
  • It is multitudinal Job where with various tasks like fighting with poachers, dozing off forest fires, evacuating people from National Parks
  • It is unrecognised Job so leading to low motivation to work
  • The govt is required to establish institutional mechanism to provide for better functioning

3) Dire Strait:

  • Srilanka fishermen issue has been provided yesterday
  • Remember: Bottom trawling is unsustainable practice by Indian fishermen in Palk Bay where breeding of the fishes takes place, will replenish fish resources. The govt should provide technology and equipment to the fishermen, with using they can go for deep sea fishing

4) Staying Cool:

  • Hydro Fluoro ChloroCarbon (HCFCs) leads to Global warming and Ozone depletion and it is used as Refrigerants
  • Earlier in Montreal Protocol we replaced Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) with HCFCs which are less effective in depleting ozone layer
  • Still with increasing demand in usage of ACs and Refrigerators, the HCFCs is also becoming as concern and it should be replaced with sustainable refrigerants
  • In this scenario, following actions can be taken to reduce their use.
    • Modernisation of technology (for energy efficiency)
    • Financial availability
    • Incentivisation of consumers to shift to new technology
    • Energy efficient temperature limits for air conditioning units in public places.
    • Regular audit of public buildings.
    • Artificial Refrigerants which were developed by advanced nations should be transferred to developing nations

5) The clarity the secret ballot enables: UP

  • Voting behaviour of people getting changed from identity politics to parties with exchange of economic benefits (who brings development)
  • Aspects for voting:
    • Development
    • Good governance
    • Accessibility of local candidate

6) Compassion International:

  • It is an international NGO kept by the govt in prior referral category through Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA) to reject its operation from India
  • Criticism: The govt is misusing the Act to throttle the functioning of NGOs

7) CSIR (Council of Scientific and Industrial Research) tech shuts down in lack of funds:

  • Aim: Commercialise the inventions made by CSIR
  • CSIR labs are not giving necessary patents to commercialise the products created by them
  • Take this as an example for R&D status in India

8) China has proposed for double suspension formulae to bringdown the tensions in Peninsular region:

  • China being the close ally to North Korea has capable of bringing it to talks
  • Double Suspension: With the suspension of the Nuclear test by North Korea, the suspension of the Joint military exercise between South Korea and USA should be made
  • Add this points to yesterday’s article

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