Answer writing 2 by Chanakya

Q) Differentiate between antibiotics and probiotics. Why meat with antibiotics is considered bad for health? What are the alternatives? Examine. (200 Words)
Antibiotics: These are the disease fighting micro-organisms, which enables the body to produce antibodies. Eg. Pencilin
Even though, it is a revolutionary invention, the major disadvantage is it is not selective in the fighting, i.e it targets not only bad bacteria, but also good bacteria, which is essential to the body.
Probiotics: These are also the disease fighting organisms, but targets the harmful bacteria.
Meat with antibiotics is considered bad for health because:
a) It decreases the body resistance to the drugs, which now became the global problem(multi-drug resistant bacteria).
b) Good bacteria such as bifidobacterium, which is essential for good immune system is prone to these antibiotics. Also
Developed nations such as U.S trying to export to underdeveloped and developing nations as their own people refused to eat them. This is exacerbating the situation in these nations.
a) Organic livestock producers using herbs and plants such as oregano and thyme for normal treatment.
b) Wider usage of Probiotics.
c) Using phyto-sanitary measures, especially by developing and meat importing nations to check in the greater public interest.
80% of antibiotics is being used in meat industry. Also in the background of growing meat industry to meet growing population and their nutritional requirements, consensus should be arrived by the global team.

Q) Discuss the measures needed to be taken by all responsible stakeholders to prevent sexual abuse of children in schools. (150 Words)
Ans: It is the responsibility of the school management to prevent the sexual abuse of children and some of the measures needed to be taken not only by them but also different stakeholders.
By parents:
a) Frequent interaction with the child, especially the mother.
b) Frequent meeting with the school management.
By School Management:
a) Setting up a committee for the discipline, and involving various members, especially the women, both from teaching and non-teaching staff.
b) Principal should take the onus.
By society:
a) Sensitising the matter, and awareness programs need to be augmented. Mouth publicity, media coverage and making short films on these type of sensitive issues.
b) Sensitive policing. Adequate training needs to be given to them.
c) Adequate counselling post-trauma for the victims.
Legislative & Policy Framing:
-Need to strengthen the institutions, meant for protecting the child. POSCO acts, Stringent implementation of alike laws. Judiciary needs to oversee the proper working of separate courts meant for child protection for timely disposal of cases.


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