March 11

1) Post truths in Tamilnadu: (remember these points in case of writing any answer related to democracy in the mains)

  • Alternative facts, fake news which are half truth (as discussed in previous post) are misleading the people of the liberal democracies
  • Responsibility and Authority are not diverse from eachother in democracy, if diverse the misuse of authority may takes place. Remote area governance which is an extra constitutional is threat with this phenomenon
  • In democracy, legitimacy should come from the people. If any disconnect from the people and representation happens the people should have a tool to show their discontent i.e., Right to recall as example
  • Growth of power elite on basis of caste and family alliances will benefit the people of that section but not the whole, which will undermine the democracy

2) Is noise is only way to get noticed?

  • The more noise or disturbances are made by the political leaders at lower level to get a notice from the supreme leader of the political party. This is because of high centralisation of political parties
  • Hierarchical nature of Indian politics is not cultivating a sense of ownership for the party agenda at local level
  • Way forward:
    • Democratisation of Political parties (intra party democracy)
    • Reducing the randomness in political advancement in local areas

3) After Mosul:

  • ISIS losing the war, ISIS rose out of disturbance of Sunnis
    • It is to explain the tendencies that will lead to growth of terrorism at any place taking Iraq and syria as example
    • Factors that influence:
      • Instability in the governance like chaos etc, good ground for terrorism to rise
        • Eg: Syria, Iraq
      • Sense of injustice and sense of retreat, like alienation of sunnis in the case of Iraq


  • Way forward:


    • Iraq shall work to reverse the conditions that have led to the penetration of ISIS
    • Political fight to win the heart of people is necessary
    • Power sharing in sectarian divided countries are necessary, PM Haider al Abadi already hinted at power sharing and reaching out to sunnis.

4) Partial cover:


  • Maternity Benefit Act: Amendment


    • Paid leave in organised sector from 12 weeks to 26 weeks keeping in mind that WHO statement that it is necessary to breastfeed the child for atleast 24 weeks
    • Adoptive mother i.e., who gets babies through embryo transfers should also get these benefits
  • Challenges:
    • Gender diversity will be affected, already the women participation into workforce is lacking with some reasons and with these kind of benefits the organisation will show some bias in recruit women. For this the govt should take proper step in promoting the gender diversity
    • Act did not consider the women who are working in unorganised sector where women participation is more

5) Enemy property Bill passed amid walkout:

    • Central Government has designated some properties belonging to nationals of Pakistan and China as enemy properties during 1962,65 and 71 wars. It vested these properties in the custodian of enemy property for india an office under Government of India.
    • Enemies Property maintenance Act of 1968 regulates these properties and listed out some powers of the custodian.


  • Amendment:


    • It clarify that even in the case of enemy’s death or in the case a legal heir is indian citizen or enemy changes his nationality, the property lies with Custodian.
    • The bill prohibits any transfer of property by enemy or his/her legal heirs to others

6) Coral reefs are getting affected due to Global warming and acidification of Oceans: Coral bleaching

  • Corals lives with symbiotic relationship where algae forms on it which generate food for corals through photosynthesis
    • Great Barrier corals reef in Australia where coral bleaching is taking place is of major concern (you know why)

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