Answer writing approach by Chanakya.

Q) Critically analyse the pivotal role being played by the Election Commission and the UPSC in strengthening India’s democracy. (200)

Ans) The Constitutional bodies are envisaged to strengthen the democratic institutions and to keep an arbitrary check on the executive. EC and UPSC, from its inception, played a pivotal role in strengthening India’s democracy.
Election Commission:
Made so many reforms into the electoral politics, as it is the bedrock of Democracy such as
a) Enactment and several amendments to RPA act, 1951 subsequently according to the changing times.
b) Innovative mechanisms such as NOTA empowered the aggrieved the citizens.
c) Disqualification of MLA’s and MP’s who are convicted, and disposing of such cases within a time bound period.
Independent bureaucracy is essential to bridge the gap between the govt and the public and UPSC did its best according to the changing times to integrate the cream into the higher level bureaucracy.
Did its best as the watchdog of the merit system in India.
Even though unable to produce the uncorrupted officials into the system, it is working at its best to ameliorate the system. For eg. Frequent changes of the syllabus of various exams, introducing ethics paper etc.
EC and UPSC, as the independent constitutional bodies are still evolving to come out of the political over handedness, reforms to be taken etc.

Q) Discuss the merits and demerits of the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act of 2012. (200 Words)
Ans) Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act of 2012 was a welcome step which fulfills the mandatory obligation of India as a signatory to the UN conventions of Rights of the Child. It was an improvement over IPC acts which before its implementations dealt with the cases of Children from Sexual offences.
1. Improvement over IPC as criminalizes acts of any immodesty and not just “traditional” peno-vaginal intercourse.
2. Child pornography was criminalised.
3. The act is gender-neutral.
4 Arrangement of Special Courts for POCSO cases.
5 Comprehensive legislation to safeguard the interest of a child a every stage : reporting , recording of evidences and trail etc
1 No provision of police training to deal sensitive cases of children
2 No counselling available for children to recover the post crime trauma.
3 It encompasses the biological age of the child and silent on the mental age considerations so many victims of cerebral palsy are not taken care of. Recently a woman, whose biological age is 40, but was calculated the mental age of 8 on the 8 social indicators was raped. So, the conflict arises before the judiciary.
The loopholes in the legislation needs to be corrected immediately and special attention needs to be care of the mentally disabled especially in the social legislations done by the legislatures.
Today’s children are tomorrow’s citizens. Taking care of them is building the future.



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