March 15

1) On computing ability, rural India lost in the woods:

    • NSSO has made a survey on digital penetration in India, where it shows in findings that Computing ability is very low in Rural India i.e., 8.8% when compared to urban i.e., 30.2%. This is leading to digital divide of the country and also provided that some regions have digital ability more than the other states. For example Kerala is having 32.3% when compared to Chhattisgarh i.e., only 2.9% in its rural clearly can see the rural disparities wrt digital literacy
    • With this People is losing faith in business correspondents who are main tool for financial inclusion
    • For this the govt should take an initiation in promoting e-literacy among the people where it is lacking and the digital divide goes against the digital dividend and equality of development
    • Digitalisation will boost the progress of Indian economy 


  • For Prelims:


    • National Sample Survey Office is for providing socio economic indicators wrt to households
    • Central Statistics Office will provide the data of a country as a whole (CPI, GDP, IIP etc)
    • These both offices comes under the Ministry of Statistics and Programme implementation

2) Prejudice makes no distinction:

    • Racism once spread will affect not only the particular group it will affect every other group. It won’t be having any boundaries
    • In early 20th century of US there was the discrimination among all the citizens which were institutionalised later. After Trump came into power this elements have taken a new turn


  • Reasons why Indians have been targeted?


    • Indo Americans possess highest per capita income and highest level of education when compared to American and they consist of 1% of total population
    • These immigrants are not active in civil and political participation where Jews do. Here Indians should actively participate and join their hands to fight against Racism
    • These Indians are  mostly attached to country of origin and see US a adopted state, which should be changed

3) On the rocks:

  • This article related to scotland secession from UK.
  • Why Scotland want independence?
    • Cultural aspects of Scotland people are neglected in UK
    • With regard to economic front, Scotland is contributing more than it is getting back
    • Brexit issue which i have already discussed
  • Is it correct to become independent? Answer is No. Why?
    • Already scotland’s economy is taking a downturn due to its high fiscal deficit and fall in oil prices
    • No wide based support to move away from U.K.
    • Immediate economical change is not possible after independence
    • EU cannot readily admit the scotland because the Spain is also having such dissent (wrt Catalonia, northeastern Spain which is asking for independence). If EU admits scotland will send a wrong signal to secession

4) Not so accessible after all:

    • This article is with respect to Persons with Disabilities and their inaccessible to different govt documents and public establishments. What India is doing?
    • The Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act, 2016:
      • Replaced existing Persons with disabilities Act, 1995
      • Disabilities is defined as an evolving and dynamic concept, for that central govt has been given powers to add more types of disabilities whenever required
      • Types of disabilities increased from 7 to 21
      • Right to free education for children with disabilities from 6 to 18 years of age
      • Increase of reservations in govt establishments from 3 to 4%
      • District courts may order guardianship for the disabled person particularly for mentally disabled person
      • Providing accessibility in public buildings and private buildings (this will strengthen the PM’s Accessible India Campaign)


  • For Prelims:


      • Accessible India Campaign also known as Sugamya Bharat Abhiyan, which provides for universal access for disabled to public buildings
      • Sugamya Pusthakalaya, India’s largest online library for Blind and print disabled


  • Marrakesh VIP (Visually impaired persons) Treaty:


      • Monitored by World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO)
      • Provide access to literacy through Braille, Audio, large print etc
      • Should initiate national laws wrt accessibility
      • Exchange of accessible format works across borders
      • WIPO administers Accessible Books Consortium
    • Marrakesh is in kingdom of Morocco, North western Africa, North Atlantic Ocean
    • India is the first country to ratify this treaty

5) Reflections on the election of our time:

    • Due to globalisation, aspirations of middle class is growing. Earlier, the dominant class determined the election but now the middle class are. This is the reason why electoral turnout is increasing in India
    • Identity politics are replaced by developmental politics


  • Challenges:


    • This middle class increasing aspirations are undermining equality in justice through collective aspiration and tending towards individualistic aspirations. There is a more emphasis on economic growth and opportunities created by it
    • In the name of nationalism the right to dissent is curtailed

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