March 17 & 18

1) Crimes of apartheid:

  • United Nation Economic and Social Commission for west Asia has published the report regarding the practice of apartheid by Israel on Palestinians (apartheid means discrimination)
  • According to Israel narrations palestinians are divided as Palestinians who are citizens of Israel, People of Gaja and Westbank, People of Jerusalem and Refugees
  • What are those discriminations that has been projected by UN ESCWA?
    • Restrictive zoning laws: Without security checks they cannot move freely in the state
    • Palestinians who have Israeli citizenship do not have right to nationality i.e., no access to own land or any property but access is only to inferior social services
    • Muezzin Bill which has been proposed will put limits on the muslim call to prayer in Israel and East Jerusalem
  • UN recommendations:
    • Clear enquiry on israel actions and officers responsible to this apartheid shall brought to International criminal court of Justice (ICC)
  • Remember: ICC involves when genocide, crime against humanity and war crimes takes place

2) Turkey issue:

  • Erdogan who is a president wants to go to referendum to make turkey as presidential form of govt
  • Currently Turkey is parliamentary form of govt where prime minister is most powerful theoretically but president is acting powerful with military coup (that’s the other story)
  • For this Erdogan planned to march in european countries where many of the turkey people are living but got apposition from many states like Germany, Netherland etc due to some security issues and political repercussions
  • Because of this he criticised these states, for example Germany as Nazi state and Netherlands as Fascist and Nazi remnant and Turkey threatened EU that it will move away from recent deals on Immigrants
  • Turkey is ambitious to become as part of EU single market, EU is largest trade partner to Turkey which will be affected with this move
  • In turkey with present economic situation it is not possible and should act keeping in mind the long term implications
  • Implications when Turkey become Presidential form of govt:
    • Authoritarian tendency will regime
    • Secular fabric will get delink
    • Once referendum get success the current president will resume the post with constitutional power for 2 consecutive five year term

3) Enemy property bill passed:

  • After wars in 1962 with China and 1965 with Pakistan property belonging to the nationals of these two countries were taken by union govt
  • Later enemy property act,1968 passed and according to this properties are kept with custodian, office instituted under central govt. Act also mentioned powers of custodian
  • In amended act inheritance of property is not applicable to enemy property even they are the citizens of India
    • Eg: Acc to this act Saif ali khan (actor) is not a legal heir to properties of bhopal ruler who went to pakistan

4) National Health Policy 2017:

  • Centre’s spending 2.5% of GDP in time bound manner
  • Ambitious targets has been set
    • IMR – 28 by 2019
    • CMR – 23 by 2025
    • MMR – 100 by 2020
    • Stillbirth – single digit
    • Neo natal mortality – 60
  • Research on tribal medicines is given emphasis
  • Universal access to free drugs and diagnostics in public hospitals
  • Increasing life expectancy to 70 years from 67.5 years
  • Setting up of Tribunals for redressal of grievances
  • Critic:
    • It has fallen short of making health as Fundamental Right due to monetary constraints of the govt

5) Censor Board of Film Certification:

  • Statutory body under ministry of information and broadcasting and comes under Cinematography Act,1952
  • Shyam Benegal Committee report – reform to censor board, stop scissoring films instead give a caution as rated film
  • Individual’s right to self determination is a paramount and it can be projected through movies (regarding banning of the movies which has shown some self deterministic elements like Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual)

6) Persons with disabilities: Refer our previous article

  • PWD should bring into the fabric of social, political and economical democracy without which the completeness is not fulfilled and they should be treated as integral part of decision making process
  • Niti Aayog taking steps to achieve Sustainable development Goals
  • Not only the ministry of Social Justice should be dragged to deal with the problem of not providing accessibility to PWD rather should involve every ministry

7) Injectable Contraceptives:

  • Depot Medroxyprogesterone Acetate (DMPA), govt is introducing this under national family planning program
  • There are two methods of family planning i.e., Spacing method and Limiting method
  • Through Spacing method there will be gap between one baby to other baby – Intra Uterine Contraceptive Device (IUCD), Oral Contraceptive Pills, Condoms etc and Injectable contraceptives comes under this where in Limiting method baby production will be stopped – Laparoscopy for women and Vasectomy for men
  • Positives of introducing new medicine:
    • Expands the basket of choices
    • Access to preferred contraceptive method
    • There won’t be any bone marrow density reduction problem which is  propagated as rumor
    • WHO and Professionals advocated its usage
    • In rural area Auxiliary Nurse Midwives (ANM, village level female health workers) are enough to get trained and implement its usage
  • Negatives:
    • Health effects like menstrual changes, bleeding, HIV infections
  • Perspective: Family planning should not only be seen as woman issue rather the participation of man also is required at same rate

8) Gene editing technique:

  • Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic (CRISPR) is the technique used, in this the enzyme called CAS9 is used to cut the DNA into pieces
  • Using this the targeted DNA which is malfunctioning can be terminated without affecting the other
  • Ethical aspect: Using this technique in termination of foetus

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