March 21 Answer writing by Chanakya

Q)Differentiate between civil war and revolution. Examine how civil wars have shaped political philosophies 18th, 19th and 20th centuries. (200 Words) Answer: Differences: 1. Civilians directly revolt against the government in a revolution, whereas in a civil war factions wage a war against each other 2. Revolution generally results into changes that take place outside…Read more March 21 Answer writing by Chanakya


March 18 Answer writing by Chanakya

Q) What are the different biogeographic zones/ regions of India? Examine the ecological problems of these regions. (200 Words) Ans) The different bio-geographical regions in India are as follows: 1. Trans Himalayan zone. 2. Himalayan zone 3. Desert zone. 4. Semiarid zone. 5. Western ghat zone. 6. Deccan plateau zone. 7. Gangetic plain zone. 8.…Read more March 18 Answer writing by Chanakya

March 15: Answer writing by Chanakya

Q) Land needed for mining, dams and other large-scale projects is acquired mostly from Adivasis, hill dwellers and rural communities. The displaced persons are paid monetary compensation as per the legal provisions. However, the payment is often tardy. In any case, hit cannot sustain the displaced families for long. These people do not possess marketable…Read more March 15: Answer writing by Chanakya

Answer writing 2 by Chanakya

Q) Differentiate between antibiotics and probiotics. Why meat with antibiotics is considered bad for health? What are the alternatives? Examine. (200 Words) Ans: Antibiotics: These are the disease fighting micro-organisms, which enables the body to produce antibodies. Eg. Pencilin Even though, it is a revolutionary invention, the major disadvantage is it is not selective in…Read more Answer writing 2 by Chanakya

Answer writing approach by Chanakya.

Q) Critically analyse the pivotal role being played by the Election Commission and the UPSC in strengthening India’s democracy. (200) Ans) The Constitutional bodies are envisaged to strengthen the democratic institutions and to keep an arbitrary check on the executive. EC and UPSC, from its inception, played a pivotal role in strengthening India’s democracy. Election…Read more Answer writing approach by Chanakya.