March 17 & 18

1) Crimes of apartheid: United Nation Economic and Social Commission for west Asia has published the report regarding the practice of apartheid by Israel on Palestinians (apartheid means discrimination) According to Israel narrations palestinians are divided as Palestinians who are citizens of Israel, People of Gaja and Westbank, People of Jerusalem and Refugees What are…Read more March 17 & 18


March 16

1) Interview of Shyam Saran – importance for personality test From his interview we can draw few points wrt the relation that India is having with US, China and Russia India-US: In Defence: There is bipartisan support on both side with respect to the relations are concern. Brief background on agreements: General Security of military…Read more March 16

March 14

1) The art of building majority by the BJP party in UP and Uttarakhand There are several reasons why BJP has dominated these elections: Social engineering or electioneering: This is to know the no of voters that are needed to get majority of seats i.e., roughly 30%. Here every party got succeeded wrt to no…Read more March 14

March 13

1) Modi’s U.P. wave and after: Here in this article i'm not discussing anything about politics but the democratic elements that are changing in politics Here we should know the trend that is happening in politics of India after independence After independence, Congress was the single largest party till 1967 after this congress lost its…Read more March 13

March 11

1) Post truths in Tamilnadu: (remember these points in case of writing any answer related to democracy in the mains) Alternative facts, fake news which are half truth (as discussed in previous post) are misleading the people of the liberal democracies Responsibility and Authority are not diverse from eachother in democracy, if diverse the misuse…Read more March 11